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Haven Diagnostics gives you science-backed data for workplace risk management and return to work decisions.

Workplace risk management for companies managing post-pandemic work decisions

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Measure your workplace's health
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Quantify your property's health
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Giving companies data to control workplace health and employee wellbeing

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We just need four main items to get started: aggregate employee data, existing infectious disease policies and procedures, HVAC systems information, and floor plan layouts.

Remove the guesswork; use predictive analytics

Using AI-driven models, we create a digital twin of your workplace. This allows you to plan for scenarios (e.g. can I increase density if 15% of my employees are vaccinated? Which of my teams are coming into the office most frequently?) and be proactive for your business needs.

Get the data you need; scenario planning and risk management

We give you data for workplace decisions and maximize your employee productivity by reducing health risks in the office.

Our artificial intelligence platform is powered by 450+ medical records

Our proprietary agent-based model incorporates:

Latest Research
Incorporate the latest epidemiological, health, property, and HVAC studies into our model.

Monitor sub zip-code statistics on incidence and estimate under-detection to stay ahead of outbreaks or declines.

Incorporate HIPAA-compliant information on personnel (age, business unit, commuter type, and residential zip code).

Property Layout
Floor plan layout, ventilation, and filtration to determine how individuals interact within the space and how infectious diseases can spread.

Led by Renowned
Physicians, Data Scientists and Medical Researchers

Dr. Gao and Dr. Geleris, considered leading physicians and artificial intelligence experts, are helping companies use science-backed data to understand their workplace risk and how to improve its health and safety.

Dr. Michael Gao is considered one of the world's leading Artificial Intelligence experts.

Michael Gao, MD

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Medical Director

Dr. Josh Geleris is considered one of the world's leading Artificial Intelligence experts.

Joshua D. Geleris, MD

Research Director

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