Manage your hybrid workplace

Led by a team of physicians and data scientists, Haven Diagnostics uses A.I. to give employers the data needed to make workplace decisions.

Collect Data

Understand your organization's health and productivity using readily available data.

Active Insights

Receive insights and recommendations on managing your departments and teams.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Plan for worst-case scenarios, understand your risk framework, and use data for workplace decision making.

Trusted by employers

Armstrong World Industries is a publicly traded company that focuses on healthy spaces..
Munsch Hardt is a boutique law firm based in Dallas, TX with three offices.Gensler is the world's leading architecture company.
workplace health.

Submit readily available information

Submit aggregate employee data (no personal identifiable information), floor plan test fits, infectious disease policies/procedures, and building HVAC mechanicals

Haven's operational and workplace risk management dashboard.

Use data, not opinions to drive workplace risk decisions

Remove the guesswork by using Haven's AI-driven computational models to understand your employees' productivity and health.

Active Feedback Loops

Establish active feedback loops to reduce turnover, improve culture and satisfaction, and increase productivity.

Our artificial intelligence models are powered by leading data scientists

Our proprietary algorithms incorporate:

Latest Research
Incorporate the latest epidemiological, health, property, and HVAC studies into our model.

Monitor sub zip-code statistics on incidence and estimate under-detection to stay ahead of outbreaks or declines.

Incorporate HIPAA-compliant information on personnel (age, sex, business unit, job title, tenure, and residential zip code).

Feedback Loops
Collect real-time feedback from employees to better monitor and manage your overall workplace.

The Haven Diagnostics Team is
Physician- and Data Scientist-Led

Dr. Gao and Dr. Geleris are physicians and leading artificial intelligence experts in healthcare

Michael Gao, MD

Medical Director

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Joshua D. Geleris, MD

Research Director

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