Build Your Tenants' Trust

Haven Diagnostics helps tenants understand their building's health risk and how the workplace can be improved.

Understand your risk

Create a digital twin of your property to measure your property’s infectious disease and medical risk.

Reassure your tenants

Communicate to existing and prospective tenants that they are more than a tenant, they are a client.

Certify your medical risk

Receive an annual audit that certifies your building’s medical and infectious disease safety for your tenants.

Trusted by employers and commercial real estate owners

workplace health.

Submit readily available information

Submit your rent roll, shared space floor plan test fits, infectious disease policies and procedures, and building HVAC mechanicals.

Know your workplace risk

From time of receiving materials, it takes one week to receive a preliminary COVID-19 workplace risk report and presentation for your property management, asset management, and leasing teams.

Webinar for tenants

Led by a team of physicians, Haven hosts webinars helping you build your tenants' confidence for returning to the office.

Strengthen tenant relations and increase leasing velocity

Give tenants the data they want. Rather than using opinions, Haven gives you the data needed to answer tenants' questions about the safety and health of your property.

Our world-class artificial intelligence is powered by 450+ medical records

Our proprietary AI-driven agent-based models incorporate:

Latest Research
Incorporate the latest epidemiological, health, property, and HVAC studies into our model.

Monitor sub zip-code statistics on incidence and estimate under-detection to stay ahead of outbreaks or declines.

Incorporate HIPAA-compliant information on personnel (age, commuting type and residential zip code).

Property Layout
Consider floor plan and location to determine how agents interact and how infectious diseases can spread.

The Haven Diagnostics Team Led By
Renowned Physicians

Dr. Gao and Dr. Geleris are considered two of the leading infectious disease doctors and artificial intelligence experts in the USA

Michael Gao, MD

CEO and Medical Director

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Joshua D. Geleris, MD

Research Director

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Download Our
Case Study

Learn how 511 EJC, owned by Codina Partners and managed by Crescent Real Estate, is prioritizing the health and safety of its tenants.

Download Our
Case Study

Learn how Lakeside Square, owned by JMC Holdings and leased and maned by JLL, is leading the way helping their tenants return to the office.