Curve: Cases are Plateauing, but Deaths Remain High

Curve: Cases are Plateauing, but Deaths will stay High

Vik Lonakadi
Director of Operations
August 2, 2020

• With greater adherence to social distancing, PPE guidelines, and regulatory rollback in the South and West, cases have peaked. Hospitalizations remain at an elevated level

• Deaths have been shown to lag increases in hospitalizations and case counts, and should plateau (though not rise much higher than 1,750 per day across the US) within the next two weeks.

• Our internal data and analysis shows that mobility data from iOS and Android mobile phones can be used to predict a rise in cases three weeks later.

• As organizations think about staying open, it is important to recognize there is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy.

Michael Gao, M.D. is recognized as a national leader in infectious disease risk. Dr. Gao treated COVID-19 patients at Weill Cornell during the apex of the epidemic in New York City. His background leads to the most sophisticated predictions and projections for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases that evolve over time. Companies work with Haven Diagnostics to help make scientific- and data-driven decisions to return to the office safely.